Constitutional Crisis in Perak and the Comedians

I have always preferred to write a more serious article  on my blog and recently I wrote such articles as the Wallstreet Meltdown and its Impact on Malaysia, Bumiputera business culture and values, Bumiputera equity, etc.  After all these are fundamental issues facing our nation today, not forgetting, of course, VISION 2020, which should be the most fundamental of all.

But who  bothers to care about those things? Malaysians today seem  to prefer  more of  entertainment than those heavy stuff. What is more interesting is that our better entertainers  turn out to be our politicians. They even beat  our  artists from the  traditional entertainment industry.

Siti Nurhaliza has to be contented with lesser attention,  and gossips among artists also take the back seat, being replaced by gossips and video clips from the politico entertainment industry. So we have new comers like Elizabeth Wong, Chua Soi  Lek and, remember, the PKR YBs who have crossed over to BN recently.

Our newspapers have field days with the new found openness under Pak Lah Government. Thanks to  Pakatan Rakyat, they fought very hard for that openness and press freedom!

Politicians don’t only provide sex scandals. Even their own traditional political arena is becoming more and more entertaining.

An earlier scene  beat any of the political drama produced  in Hollywood. The  bizarre attempt to entice 30 Members of Perliament to cross over was amusing,  and   the courting and chasing scenes were  even shot in Taiwan!

If the ending was successful,  Anwar Ibrahim the hero in this drama, would have  been hailed  as the Champion of People’s Power by his fans. . .surely for them  there is no need for a fresh election… waste of time and money only.

If  one  thinks  that the above was bizarre enough, the Perak  political scene  is even more so. It started with a bang, but also now evolving into something with bizarre twists and turns.

One would expect the Menteri Besar to resign, after losing confidence of majority of the DUN members, and with  the Sultan’s decision not to dissolve the DUN. It would have been so under the normal system of parliamentary democracy. But in Malaysia today, don’t expect anything normal, it would have been too boring to follow a normal plot.

He did not resign. It is hard to imagine  how Nizar’s government could survive  a vote of no confidence in a  sitting DUN.

Don’t worry, the Pakatan even has an answer to this problem.. . . Suspend enough DUN members from BN…….. so they are back in the ‘majority’! …..again a very very bizarre action.  Even Karpal Singh believes it is unenforceable( They  should have consulted  him first, the ‘best lawyer’ in the country, who happens to be among their rank).

Imagine similar tactics employed by BN government  at the federal level, if it is really legal.They can amend the Constitution as they wish.  They can even remain in the government forever, just by suspending enough Pakatan Rakyat MPs as and when the needs arise!…. and imagine Anwar’s reactions then. 

Britain, which started the system of parliamentary democracy obviously never thought of these possibilities…..probably too remote a possibility for these more ‘level minded’ people to ponder. 

It is understandable why Pakatan Rakyat wanted to go back to the people in the first place.  It is also understable why they   conveniently ignored peoples’ mandate in the September 16  attempt. It is equally understandable why BN prefers to avoid a fresh election in Perak.. . After all who doesn’t wants  instant power, just as we like instant noodle! And  remember  each party  thinks of a fresh mandate from the people only  when it suits its interests…..and remember people always say politic is dirty!

In the meantime, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza and Datuk K, and also other artists, be contented just remaining in the audience for the time being and continue to watch the unfolding drama. The real Malaysian drama isn’t over yet.


DAH Ikhwan

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4 Responses to Constitutional Crisis in Perak and the Comedians

  1. Juan Taman says:

    Certainly all the recent political events and sex scandal make it entertaining to read, at least better than the news of gloom and doom as reported in the press about the financial crisis in the world. After all, the world economic crisis is beyond us to solve. Meanwhile might as well enjoy the present show which at least takes our mind off the world problem. Keep posting. The drama just begins.
    Hopefully after the show is over and the dust settles there emerge some good Statesmen and Politicians to lead the nation.

  2. king air says:

    The press freedom you spoke of is quite lopsided, where it only supports the actions of the ruling coalition. A free press should also report on the good things that the opposition has done.
    They should not go overboard in their reporting as the Rakyat is now an educated and connected lot.

  3. I notice one thing growing out of this political circus. It’s the rain tree . It’s iconic of Perak’s comedy-driven democracy. Since this is a real political drama, might as well enjoy it while it lasts. Hope to meet Datuk soon.

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