Before I write and continue my Part 3 of the Sulu arguments for Sabah in the later part of the day in the evening, these are points of interest for us to know :

(1) President Diosdado Macapagal is THE ONLY Philippines President who showed seriousness in claiming Sabah. Other Presidents after him showe…d less or little interest,

(2) President Ferdinand Marcos tried to initiate a military operation to do sabotage Sabah but failed. This operation is called the ” Merdekah operation ” in 1969 where he trained commandos to infiltrate Sabah. But nearly all the Filipino commandos were killed by Malaysian army except one which survived in a battle known as the ” Jabedah massacre “…

(3) In the ASEAN meeting in 1977 President Ferdinand Marcos announced that he would renounce ( drop ) his country claim for Sabah. Although this didn’t follow through

(4) President Corazon Aquino vowed to solve the matter in one way or another but later was not borthered about the Sabah claim and never even pursued it to maintain good relations with Kuala Lumpur,

(5) President Fidel Ramos left the issue at the ” back burner ” and in fact was in favour of dropping the claim, apparently because he wanted to please Malaysia for a better economic and military cooperation with Malaysia

(6 ) President Gloria Arroyo Macapagal didn’t borther to do much at all……

– quoted from Solita Collas – Philippines Daily Inquirer — By Awang Kerisnada bin Awang Mahmud

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