1. Talking as a Malaysian from Sarawak, I must honestly say that, if only the federal government under Pakatan Harapan and Tun Mahathir are reasonable and considerate to Sarawak and treat Sarawak fairly and justly, Malaysia truly is a great and wonderful nation. It is peaceful. It is generally stable. It is one of the advanced and more economically successful countries in the developing world. This is notwithstanding the fact tht the previous BN government  under ex PM Najib had almost ruined Malaysia financially by abusing powers and engaging in many wrongdoings.

2.Malaysians are looking forward for PH federal govnt to pick the pieces, clean the financial mess and make Malaysia  up and running again.  As well, Malaysians  want PM Tun Mahathir, an exceptionally intelligent and capable leader, to make Malaysia great again  economically speaking, as he once did. Recall when he made Malaysia  one of the economically roaring asian “tigers” in th 1980s.

3.Even if you  do not like tun Mahathir for whtever reason, you must give the credit that is due to him and salute and respect him for that.

4. It is tun Mahathir’s current treatment of Sarawak that is of real concern to Sarawakians. He seems not keen to get Petronas to pay the 20 percent royalty on Sarawak’s oil and gas based on production, the globally-accepted way and internationally practised. Instead he suggested royalty payment based on “profit”. This has not sunk well with Sarawakians because, if petronas applies creative but legal accounting and ends with minimal or zero/negative profit, then Sarawak will get little or nothing from Petronas. Also, Sarawak  has repeatedly been demanding all its powers as contained in MA63 to be returned soonest. I mean those powers that the federal government has been taking over  and or usurping, deliberately or otherwise, since 1963. Sarawakians  are not at all pleased for the delay. They are not in the mood for waiting and waiting. The patience for waiting is itching to a snapping point, as I can feel and see it. Sarawakians  just want the federaal government to answer and respond soonest on the MA63 powers  and oil and gas issues.  Sarawak  badly and urgently needs the oil and gas money for further progress and development  and to catch up with the peninsular.

5. I repeat, Malaysia  is a great and wonderful country despite everything, if not for the two issues mentioned above.

6. Hidup Malaysia . Hidup Sarawak. This is for Msia Day today, 16th sept 2018.



(The above article was written by a friend from Sarawak)

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