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Why Malaysia Agreement (MA 63) Matters to Sarawak and Sabah (Part 1)

  Malaysia Agreement 1963 or MA63 as it is referred to today has become a hot issue since the last two years in Sabah and Sarawak. What is it really and what has happened to it since the birth of … Continue reading

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Petroleum Royalty: PETRONAS vs Producing States

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The cancellation of the East Coast Railway Link(ECRL) inflamed the East Coast states of Terengganu and Kelantan as it will likely retard future growth there. These  are two  Malay states,  governed by PAS, poor yet contributing substantially to the Federal … Continue reading

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Re Malays As Immigrant In Malaysia

I  am rather peturbed by certain articles published online on the origin of Malays, the meaning of the word Melayu as well as the special priviledges accorded to Malays by the Malaysian Constitution. Among these is one by Syed Imran, … Continue reading

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PRU 14 (2018): Ramalan Keputusan Pilihan Raya Parlimen Malaysia

Selama  empat hari lagi pada 9hb Mei  rakyat Malaysia akan membuang undi   bagi menentu parti mana yang akan membentuk kerajaan Malaysia untuk tempoh lima tahun akan datang; sama ada parti BN  ataupun Pakatan Harapan (Pakatan  Harapan). [Untuk artikel Keputusan dan … Continue reading

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PRU 14(2018): Sabah DUN Forecast

Sabah is of particular interest during this  14th general election after the recent  sacking of Shapie Afdal from UMNO and the Federal Cabinet when  he  aligned  himself with the former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohammed. Shapie later formed a new … Continue reading

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PRU 14: Ramalan Keputusan DUN Kelantan

Bolehkan  PAS bertahan di Kelantan tanpa Nik Aziz dan berhadapan pula dengan puak serpihan parti PAN. Ini mungkin bukan  satu  masalah jika tiada wujud pesaing lain seperti UMNO  yang sudah lama ingin berkuasa semula di sana. Tetapi, UMNO juga ada … Continue reading

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PRU 14 (tahun 2018): Ramalan Keputusan DUN Kedah

Kedah  menjadi negeri yang  hangat  dalam PRU kali ini kerana faktor Tun Mahathir sebagai ketua Pembangkang menentang kerajaan BN di sana. Kini  BN memiliki 21 kerusi DUN sementara PAS, 9 dan Pakatan Harapan ada 6 kerusi sahaja. Jelas DUN Kedah … Continue reading

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PRU 14: General Election Forecast For DUN Selangor

(Updated on 1 May, 2018 to incorporate Redelineation of Boundaries) After ten years in the opposition, BN looks confident to recapture Selangor. This time, BN is going into the election without the baggages that brought it down in the previous  … Continue reading

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Sukan SEA 2017: Semangat Generasi Muda Kini

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Biasanya  saya tidak ambil perhatian sangat tentang  Sukan SEA di masa lampau. Apa tidaknya, tiada apa sangat yang diharapkan, prestasi pasti hambar. Sukan demi sukan sudah berlalu, yang pastinya tiada sebarang peningkatan yang boleh dibanggakan. Sejak beberapa dekad ianya berlangsung, … Continue reading

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Tun Mahathir As Chairman of Pakatan Harapan: Will it make Any Difference in the 14th GE?

It is rather confusing  to read comments from well known political analysts how to make of it. Raja Petra Kamaruddin of Malaysia Today, as expected,  brushed it aside as desperate moves by two desperate people, Mahathir and Anwar, to topple … Continue reading

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